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Why not let Nick Stanley perk-up your helmet with superb low-cost vinyl self-adhesive (original) graphic designs?

Why pay hundreds of pounds when you can have high-gloss designs like these at a fraction of the cost?

Ask Nick to design and apply your own unique distinctive recognition!

- And they are easier to repair than spray-painted designs!


Ask Nick to design and apply professional commercial self-adhesive graphics materials from as little as £14 to £175 or pay £300 to £1000 to have your helmet spray-painted by one of the many helmet spray-painting companies!

Above: Ry Lindsay (above right), March 2010, accepts his newly decorated helmet from Nick just prior to his appearance in the European UK Nissan Free-Race Championship Finals in France following his superb 3rd place in the British Final, at Silverstone, from 700 drivers! He won through the heats and the semi-final easily, in France at the Grand European Finals, and lead the final until he was punted off into 3rd place by a German driver. Still, to finish 3rd on the rostrum from around 3000 drivers, including professional BTCC and Formula-3 stars, is a fantastic achievement for the young Covkartsport driver!

These coloured, high-gloss, self-adhesive materials are the same as used on the sides of commercial vans and lorries and are therefore very hard wearing and durable. They can also be replaced very easily and totally changed if required. These professional commercial graphics materials are supplied by a commercial trade supplier in Coventry and applied by Nick Staveley Stanley.


Obviously, designs have to be kept as simple as possible and no single piece of adhesive graphics material can be too large or serious rumples or bubbles may appear as the material is very difficult to smooth out, evenly, over large curved areas.


Ryan Lindsay (above) taking part in thr H4H Charity Enduro.

The main advantage to Self-Adhesive Vinyl Graphic Design and application is one of cost:

A simple spray painted design can cost from £300 and a more complex paint design from £650 to over £1000!

Adhesive graphics designs can cost from as little as £16 (for two personal names together with two national flags) on each side of your helmet.


Young Charlie Morgan wanted a very specific design done quickly on his brand new Arai Helmet - but the instructions were not in his helmet bag when I opened it. I 'phoned his father and he told me just to do something so that his son was not racing in a plain white helmet that weekend. I don't know if Charlie liked it but I did my own tribute to the "Bentley Boys" (The founders of the BRDC) and decorated his helmet in thick British Racing Green bars which were lined-out with silver - the traditional Bentley colours that are still raced at the likes of Le Mans today! Of course, I didn't forget that there should be a large Union Jack on the BRG. He may ask me to tear it all off  after this weekend (which I will do - and replace with his proposed original design - free-of-charge) but I hope that he likes it - I certainly think that it is cool to pay hommage to our proud racing history!

As a post script to this tale: Charlie and his dad liked my idea so much that they wondered if it would be possible to add Bentley logos to the helmet. I didn't suppose Bentley would mind as this is a "one-off" and it does advertise their brand - so I faithfully reproduced their black and silver-winged logo for Charlie's helmet. I have also very carefully hand-glazed the logos  so that they shine with the same gloss as the helmet and are more protected than they would have been! Pictured below are the final results:



In the above photographs the dark "British Racing Green" has reproduced as more of a black - but in real life it is a good BRG!


Simple single-colour designs over or around the helmet from £50.For example my own helmet  (below) would have cost: £50:

Old design on same helmet (left) New design (right)


Old design (left) - New design, on same helmet (right).


Old design (left) - new design (right) : above and below.


Double-colour designs from £40 to £75.

 Complex multi-colour designs as above, like mine, or like Ryan's (below) from £80 to £100.

Most helmets are already glazed and this helmet has not been re-glazed. The adhesive vinyls are glossy so re-glazing is not really neccessary. This helmet cost £100 to decorate. It would have cost £175 fot a total re-glazing over the top of the vinyls.


Richard Middleton's originally plain white OMP helmet is pictured (below) after I had decorated it:


Gulam Nabi asked me to decorate his all-black helmet with an unusual blue and yellow design but left it to me to create this design myself (below):


I have now decorated  (below) Danny Henney's plain white Bell helmet:

Close-up detail (below) of parallel gun-metal grey strips leading out of the air vents:

Below see a display of other graphics that we can supply for both your helmet and your kart/trailer/van - if you own one yourself! Please note that we can supply many different types of sticker (all are all-weather outdoor vinyl). Please note that there are two blank visor strips, one in green and the other in grey, on either side of the standard Covkartsport Visor Strip. You can have your own personalised name or website put onto the blanks and we can supply any background or text colour you want. Also note that we can supply fully MSA-compliant (matt) self adhesive short and long circuit number plates, in the correct  colour for the class with numbers of the correct size. The example (No.43) shown is a short circuit "Novice" plate. Please also note the relative sizes of each sticker - bearing in mind that you can use the visor sticker as a reference size.

Nick will aslo take a helmet repair kit to every event in order to repair any damaged graphics (although that should not happen if you look after your helmet properly) and he will also have a specific set of tools etc. for the repair of  helmet visor-mountings - which can often break or come lose. Your visor is essential in protecting your eyes - if in any doubt then please show your helmet to Nick.


Below is Ashley Carter's helmet to which I added black and day-glow green panel graphics and his own personalised day-glow-green visor sticker:

If a light professional glaze is required this will be sub-contracted to professionals (Manhattan Body Repairs) at an additional cost of £65. This will protect the graphics and make cleaning your helmet a bit easier but it then means that you can never change those graphics at all again.


Individual pieces of self-adhesive graphic materials (unglazed) are very easy, cheap and quick to replace but my own helmet (white with the blue diagonal stripes) has not yet required any of the graphics materials to be replaced and it is now two years old and has been loaned-out to other racers as well! - Though I can replace graphics for you at the circuit in minutes!


I have often found that, even with expensive helmets, the visor-retaining mechanisms can break or fail and I also carry a repair kit (full of bits and bobs and tools) that I can use to, at least, effect a temporary - if not permanent, repair at the circuit!


I am now offering this low-cost service to all kart-racers and I can offer other stickers along with this service:


Covkartsport Visor Stickers: Free-of-charge plus NGK small helmet roundels and larger NGK stickers, Dunlop stickers and many more kart-related stickers FREE-OF-CHARGE to my customers.


Visor Stickers Individualised to your own colour and specification: £10 each.


Small Covkartsport Helmet Stickers (below) will fit easily onto a helmet without air bubbles etc - the wrist watch is to show a size comparison. We have all of these stickers in stock:


Small “Karting Magazine” Stickers: made by ourselves with the permission of Karting Magazine: £1.each. These stickers are 75% smaller than the normal "Karting Magazine" stickers (you can obtain the big ones from us free of charge but they are too big to stick onto the curve of a helmet)  so we manufacture these smaller versions ourselves. The photograph below is of accurate actual size. Karting Magazine print all of our reports, often with photographs and naming many of our drivers, so we owe it to them to advertise their magazine on our helmets!


Your Personal Name, in any colour, (as  in both examples below): £12 per pair.


Small National flag, to place by your name, (as in both examples above): £2 each.


Stylised Lettering (as below) can also be produced:

My own very small (red) advertising sticker: Free-of-charge (but compulsory).


All  prices and designs must be discussed fully in advance and may have to be adapted to suit the particular contours of your helmet but your helmet must be in a single base colour to start with: eg. all-white, black, blue, yellow, red, maroon, etc.


It may be possible to apply names and national flags to already decorated helmets but please be aware that it is not possible to decorate cheaper (Composite material) helmets as adhesives may affect the structural integrity of the helmet!


All designs are hand-cut (on the curve) to suit the particular contours of your helmet and are produced from hand-cut templates made from tracing-paper stuck to the helmet. Therefore very very slight imperfections may be present – but these are difficult to see without a magnifying glass and a micrometer! If I am not satisfied with the line of a particular graphic, then I will cut it again until I am satisfied. My record (so far) in remaking and cutting one single template is six times!


I enjoy decorating helmets so please contact me if you are interested. My charges are very low – especially when contrasted to the costs of spray-painting!

Contact me by 'phone on: 07931-938740 or email at:

I have seen some exceptional spray-painted helmets - no doubt, absolutely superb!

However, there is a term used in art: "Less is More" and it is often the case that a simple graphic design will be far more noticeable (from a distance) than a highley complex painted design. When I have watched Rich Middleton racing, whilst wearing my blue-striped helmet, it stands out far more easily than many others and there is no mistaking who that driver is. Just think, Damon Hill's helmet was about as simple as you could get but there was absoluteley no mistaking him for any other driver!


I will also consider designing and applying personalised decoration to Karts (nose-cones, side-pods, bubble-shields, aero-fairings and wing-end plates - all colour-matched to racing suit and helmet colours etc.

This bubble-shield fairing (above left) still looks as good as when I decorated it in 1999! I took it off my Zip Gearbox kart kart when I sold my kart in 2001. I decorated the fairing with all vinyl self-adhesive graphics and, despite this fairing having raced hundreds of hours, in all sorts of conditions up to 110mph, it still hangs in my shed and looks as good as it did in 1991! The fairing, on the right, is from  my last gearbox kart of 2004.

BELOW: The vinyl-graphics, on my 2001 Anderson Gearbox kart (photo' below of me racing at 3-Sisters Circuit, Lancashire in the 2003 National MSA "O" Plate Gearbox final), still look as good and as fibrant today as when I built the kart!

My Anderson Gearbox kart (above) won me the National "Kart-Promotions" Challenge Shield for the "Best Prepared  Gearbox Kart 2003"...........halcyon days!


Two identical helmets (above) but looking very diferent with differing decorative schemes! Below you can see that I have ripped off my original design and replaced it with a similar but more geometric design with less gaps in the (now) larger blue panels. This just proves how easy it is to replace vinyl helmet designs withgout any damage to the helmet!


The low-cost alternative to having your helmet spray-painted!

Turn-around time is usually about one week!

Contact Nick on: 07931-938740 (mobile) or 024-7667-7377 (home)

or e-mail him direct at:


Another job completed!

An older plain white AGV/OMP Class "A" helmet was delivered to me by our Junior driver, Adam Watkins, on a Monday evening. He had already emailed me some useful plans/ideas about how he wanted it to look first. I cannot always create an exact replica of very precise plans - so I always say that I need to be given a little latitude for my own interpretation of what you want. In the 4 photo's below I completed his design in two days but his initials needed to be added to both sides of the helmet together with a pair of small Union Jacks - but my sign-people had those ready for me by noon on the Thursday so that the helmet was completed and collected by the Thursday evening (4 days) so that the young man could use it to race on that weekend. The helmet colours of black and gunmetal grey were chosen by Adam: I hope that young Adam is pleased with my interpretation of his design:

Adam Watkins finished helmet (below) - fully completed within 4 days!

Adam won first time out in his newly decorated helmet!


Please note that I will supply  a pair of personalised names + your National flags to each side FREE-OF-CHARGE plus a free Covkartsport visor sticker if you are a member of Covkartsport!


LATEST: Jack Macauley's new graphics below:



Luke Stephenson, from Bolton , has just asked me to come up with a design for his new plain white Sparco helmet based on a "Damon Hill" theme - so the following 5 pictures (below) are my design, minus Luke's name,  which is to be added tomorrow. I just hope that he likes my interpretation and execution!





*My Guarantee is conditional upon the following terms:


It is a legal condition of my terms of sale, and my low prices (which you can look at in terms of a form of sponsorship), that you always display my small red "STICK-NICK" advertising sticker on your helmet and that you always display some form of COVKARTSPORT advertising on your helmet. The work that I carry out upon these helmets would cost many times the price if ordered from other graphic designers!  By charging such low costs, I am therefore paying you to display the aforementioned stickers/advertising and it is your duty to do so. Ask me for free replacements if yours have become damaged! Please note that you give the helmet to me at your own risk. It is often the case that very small scrath marks may appear in the surface glaze of the helmet - attributable to me moving some part of the graphics that I was not satisfied with. Such scratches are very tiny and not deep and in no way affect the helmet. You really have to look closely to see if there are any! However, I will not be held responsible for very minor damage such as these.

GUARANTEE: I will be happy to carry out free repairs to graphics for a 24-month period following job completion provided that the crash helmet or kart-fairing/wing-end plates have not been abused! I will not guarantee vinyl graphics that I have applied to the front nose-cones of karts or the side-edges of kart side-pods as these are the most vulnerable positions and likely to be damaged in every race! The all-weather self-adhesive vinyl graphics materials, that I use, are claimed to last for at least 7 years by the manufacturers! I can easily replace panels, on helmets etc, chipped by stones etc. This is far less of a problem than with spray-painted helmets!


I will replace self adhesive vinyl panels on crash helmets (if stone-chipped) FREE-OF-CHARGE purely as a gesture of goodwill - no problem!


CLEANING: DO NOT USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS. Wash gently with warm mild soapy water, dry with clean soft cloth (taking care not to burr-up corners of the vinyl and then polish with non-abrasive car wax polish or furniature polish, with a clean cloth and buff-up for a high gloss, again taking care not to brush against the corners of the vinyl. In this way the vinyl will last in good high-gloss condition for many years!


These Vinyls, your gloss paint surfaces and your visors are tolerant to tar/bug/oil removal chemicals if you have any really stubborn marks to remove. For cleaning helmets click here!


It is a condition of my Guarantee that you follow my cleaning instructions, always transport your crash helmet in a proper helmet bag and NEVER place your helmet down on its top or its side as this will slowly take off the gloss finish! It is also a condition of contract that you display my very small Graphics Sticker on your helmet or your kart etc. Please ask for free replacement stickers if required.


All helmet designs are Copyright 2010: Nick Staveley Stanley.



Aa a matter of correct reference: The above Victorian Union Jack (dating from about 1880) belonged to my wife's grandmother. You wil note that it is not symmetrical and that the photograph correctly indicates the positioning of the diagonal red bars and the smaller of the blue assymetric triangles. Original printing on the flag itself (Made in Great Britain) indicates that  this flag is both the right way up and the right way round!



Helmet for Paul/Marc Timko

I hope that you like it!



 This helmet has just been completed for Mike Pollard of F1 Managment Ltd. I had the stars imprinted into the gunmetal grey vinyl.